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Hi there, welcome and thanks for visiting my page. My name is Helen, I’m 54, married to an awesome man (Tom), and we are living our dream life on the coast of Victoria in Australia. We have 5 children ranging in ages from 16 to 34 years; and 4 grandchildren whose ages range from 3 to 13 years.

My background was in the hospitality industry, I was a Receptionist making $450 a week and I now earn more than 10 times that working part time from home!

I now run a successful home business within a very rewarding industry, Personal Development, and this business is what made the difference for me and took me from a life of only making ends meet to creating financial freedom.

I was living life at the effect of my circumstances and once I got started in this business I learnt how to truly be at cause in my life. Have you ever had a realisation that you’re just running on a hamster wheel? Going around the same way getting the same unwanted results. That’s how I felt.

When I was made redundant, I went in search of something better, I was reading personal development books like Think And Grow Rich, The Secret and many of Dr Wayne Dyer’s books, I knew the principles they shared, living a life at cause and one I desired, rather than the hamster wheel existence, was possible for me too, when I read these books I felt I could do anything, although nothing changed until I found this business.

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I learnt to developed myself through the products and principles within our business and when I applied what I was learning to my day, that’s when I started to change and began to create extraordinary results in my life. The difference was I had simple steps and a system to follow; I was also part of an extraordinary community of like-minded people that I was learning from, you know what they say… ‘Look at the people you surround yourself with and you will know your future’…or something like that lol.

My life has now completely transformed, I am empowered and always in control, I travel the world, I have complete flexibility to be there for my family when needed; I am now truly at cause not at the effect of my circumstances.

I am so grateful I took that first step towards change. YOU CAN TOO, it takes effort and work, especially on your self, the rest is simple, the next step is to just make a decision, are you happy with your life as it is right now, or DO YOU WANT MORE?

What if the beginning of your new life was just a decision away, would you take that first step on the path less travelled, one of fulfilment and financial freedom?

If you’re serious to know more on how you can ‘think and grow rich’, just as I did, then reach out to me by putting your details in the contact form here where it says ‘Request Free Info’.

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