My most important work is being a Mom

It's Sacred work to me!

"I show Moms, like you, a way to have more freedom working from home. I'm available for myself, my family & making a difference in our world." ~ Shawna Heikkila

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Hi I'm Shawna!

When I had my first daughter I knew I needed to make a career change. I had been successful in both sales and real estate appraisal, but now I wanted something different. I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for...I just knew I wanted to work flexible hours, from home!

I work with:

  • Stay-at-home moms who want to earn a good income working part-time.
  • Executive-level moms who want to maintain their executive-level income, while working less hours.
  • Mom/Dad teams who want something different than the 9-5.

LEADERSHIP EDUCATION. Our products are in the Leadership Education Industry. I use them to continue growing into a better person, wife & mom. I also teach my children these concepts, as part of their home-school curriculum. If you are a person who is looking to get better results in life, and your self-improvement is of importance to you, then this opportunity may be a good fit for you.

3-STEP BUSINESS SYSTEM. Anyone can learn our system. We offer full and on-going training. We also offer one-on-one support & mentoring. Our 3-step system makes "our job" a whole lot easier:

  • No cold-calling.
  • No home parties.
  • No friends & family list.
  • No buying & stocking product inventory.
  • No MLM. MLM is great, but we are different.

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OUR COMPENSATION PLAN. We offer the best compensation plan I've seen in the industry! Our company generously compensates an 80/20 split. We earn 80%!

Take advantage of 3 income streams: 1. Direct Profits 2. Leveraged Profits 3. Residual Income

Never re-qualify, no monthly quotas & our monthly overhead is lower than any traditional business or franchise I've looked into. I am looking for professionals who are serious about starting a home-based online business. Those who have the courage to take calculated risks and are "coachable & trainable".


Mobile: 801-631-8171

Skype: ShawnaHeikkila

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Earn a full time income,
DOING WHAT YOU LOVE, working from home.
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