I'm Annie and I live in the beautiful wine growing region of the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

As a specialist registered nurse for the best part of 4 decades I had no time for the things I love - quality time to spend with my family, enjoying my hobbies and competitive sport on a weekly basis.

I found the combination of:

  • shift work – early mornings and night duty
  • changes in the healthcare industry – new rules and regulations inhibiting a nurses own judgements
  • burn-out from the physical demands of the job and driving an hour and a half each day to work
  • desire to curb my mounting debt managing 2 mortgages on a single income
  • looming retirement with little superannuation
  • Prompted me to look for an opportunity where I could work smarter not harder

    Whilst looking for work closer to home, I stumbled upon an opportunity that resonated with me. A home-based business where I could take control of my life through changing my limiting beliefs and hence, invest in myself and my future security.

    Not only would this business help me change my situation, I'm also in a position to help others, albeit, in a different way, to achieve their dreams too. Having discovered 'The Secret' of the law of attraction along my journey, I'm excited about the potential benefits of personal growth combined with time and financial freedom that this home-based business offers:

  • A simple 3-step system
  • Ongoing full personal training and coaching
  • No special skills required
  • No cold calling nor hassling friends and family
  • Portable online business - all you need is a laptop and phone
  • Flexible hours working from home or anywhere in the world
  • Potential to earn $8000 per sale

  • Part of the dynamic Personal Growth and Success Training Industry, this is a potential solution to allow you the opportunity to create change in your life and live the life you always imagined having.

    I'm excited about my future road to the path of success, being on purpose and focused, loving the journey of personal discovery - knowing I can become financially and emotionally free to pursue my passions.

    PS "If you can imagine it you can achieve, it if you can dream it you can become it"

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