Are you contemplating a major change to how you earn your living and how you experience life?

Are you "underwhelmed" by many of the business opportunities you've been exposed to so far?

Are you ready to transform your life and create the experiences that you've been dreaming about?

If you are nodding your head YES, I want you to know you're not alone, and not long ago I asked myself these same questions.

I'm Anthony, and I'm so glad you're here! A little about me. I have many roles in life, and I wear many daily hats - including the yellow fadora in the picture above (that I got in Palm Springs last winter!)

I'm a father of one, a husband, a brother, and a board member at my church. I work a traditional job in consulting, and I own both a home-based and traditional business, pursuing two of my passions: empowering people to master their own destiny, and helping people heal through energy therapy as a "lightworker," a Reiki Master Teacher.

As we go forward, you will learn that I am passionate about learning everything there is to know about creating success in every area of my life - for the purpose of teaching others how to do the same for themselves.

I believe that success in anything starts in the heart, and that whatever we focus our minds on and repeatedly act on, must manifest.

Earl Nightingale said it best in "The Strangest Secret" when he popularized the phrase: "We become what we we think about."

After 10 years climbing the corporate ladder, I realized I was climbing up against the wrong building...I was working a job I was no longer passionate about, in an industry I could no longer get behind.

While I was well-paid, I was overworked, under-appreciated, overweight, unhealthy, uninspired and did not know how I would ever escape the rat race, as all of the other businesses I looked at, or "got-in" were not what I wanted for my life, for my family, or for the people who would look to me for a recommendation on a solid business venture.

On the verge of desperation, i was looking for a "side-business" in which I could earn enough money to quit my job, to pursue my passion of empowering and healing people - but I first had to do it for myself...

Now, I'd always been into personal development and knew that one day I would love to be one of those people that transforms lives by sharing a small distinction about how to create success and empowering them to "be their own guru"

So, I'd attended the live seminars, read the books, listened to the audios and watched the videos on every topic you can think of related to motivation, personal and spiritual growth, meditation, empowerment, life-coaching, etc.

Along the way, I hired numerous life coaches, mentors, teachers, healers and gurus who all helped me in some way along my journey. Each of them having shared a new perspective, anther piece of the puzzle.

But what I was really drawn to, was the idea of helping others create their lives, as I had been doing, that is, learning, applying and sharing the laws of success. Yet, I also knew that I didn't have the time, or the experience to write a book, produce a film, or go on a global speaking tour to achieve this...

So, I decided I would find a franchise-type business in the personal development industry that would allow me to learn from and offer cutting-edge information, to continuously grow with and learn from those who were already getting the results I wanted.

And that's when I found this little-known company, whose products and business model dramatically change the quality of people's lives - which just happened to be the very reason I decided to pursue a career in the personal development and empowerment industry.

I'd never seen anything quite like it...

CLICK Transform Your Life Today!

And here is what I am offering to you today:

  1. Proven business in Personal Development Training & Education
  2. Product line comprised of cutting-edge online courses and live transformational events
  3. Lucrative income opportunity: Up-front, leveraged & residual profits
  4. NO selling to friends and family
  5. NOT MLM (multi-level-marketing)
  6. NO cold calling
  7. NO hotel meetings or coffee shop presentations
  8. NO private in-home business receptions
  9. NO gimmicks, NO hype
  10. NOT get-rich-quick
  11. Part-time hours around your life and other interests
  12. Portable global business, requires laptop and phone
  13. 1 on 1 mentoring and coaching every step of the way
  14. Supportive community of like-minded, positive, happy and on-purpose entrepreneurs to learn from and grow with

So, while I am still working my job, I now work part-time in an industry I love at every level of my being, standing behind a product that changed my life, with people I choose to work with, and most importantly, I have reconnected with my spirit, found my true calling!

I'd love to tell you more about the results that I've gotten in my own life with the products we offer and to be able to have a good conversation with you about what you want for your life and to see if I can assist you in getting it

If you're still reading this and want to know more about the journey I'm on, what it takes to join me, and want to explore the transformation that is possible for you, then please fill out the form with your best contact details, and make a decision to be open to learning about a better way when I call you for your interview (I can't work with everyone, only those who are truly on purpose, ready to start a new business and willing to do what it takes to achieve the results they want)

It's up to you now. I look forward to meeting you, and learning more about what you'd like to achieve, so that we can see if this business is a good fit, and if we'd be a good fit to work together.

Remember, what you have, nobody has. You are unique and have come here to learn how to create your life. You are the master of your universe, and at total cause of how you experience your life.

All the best

Anthony M. Penzarella

P.S. - Success in this business is about being a good student, and not taking yourself too seriously. You must be positive, open-minded, non-skeptical and be open to life-transforming concepts, and have the humility to be able to laugh at yourself, to learn from your mistakes, and most importantly, expect to achieve extraordinary results. if you are willing to put in the work, we'll help with the rest!

The more you know, the more your grow! Start Your Expansion!

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