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Hi Guys my name is Caroline, welcome to my Web Site

I went from working in Hospitality to Working from Home Full-time and I'd love t share with you how we made that happen...

About me: Been married for 24 years now, to a great guy (Phil) my soul mate.

Past Employment: Hospitality for over 25 years.

In the hospitality field you would be working night times weekends split shifts and called in with 5 minutes notice. Great to start off with but after 25 years and working my way up the ladder to become a Manager of a Club. I had the realisation that there just has to be something else to life than doing the same thing over and over again.

Don't be a statistic: I have so often heard about retirees going out there and starting their great adventure around OZ and the World and having to come back due to ailments.

Loving the freedom now: The thing is hubby loves the land and I had always grown up in the city life, but love getting back to nature. There's nothing better to be paddling down the river during the day and sitting by a camp fire at night.

Searching for something: When I was the Manager of the club I went on search for something, at that stage I did not know what. Then I found this business and just knew it was the right thing for me. Click Here for Free Info

I believe that I have my fathers genes and will just keep on going and going. He is now 89 and still playing tennis 4 times a week and playing in championships (Go dad)!

Sheltered Life: I always felt that I had a very sheltered life and was never encouraged to dream. When I found this business I could see there was a whole other life out there waiting for me.

Dreams do come true, we are now back from Europe form our 5 weeks trip. Who knew that we could afford to do that! Once we arrive back in Australia we took delivery of our new van and are now Caravanning around Australia on the adventure finding our Next slice of Heaven.

Are you ready to get out their and explore the world? Don't worry if your not ready to take the plunge in life and pack up everything like we did. You can work at home, but don't be wondering in a years time - "Could that business been right for me?"

Free to be me

Cheers from the desk of Caroline

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PS. There are so many other stories why this business saved my life, but we'll save them for a chat around the campfire.

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