Is doing 'the big loop' on your bucket list? or maybe overseas travel? You'd love to BUT .....

"I have a house to look after; what about the garden; I have a job; I'm waiting 'til I retire; I have a business to run; I don't have the right vehicle; I have grandkids; I have a dog; I don't like the thought of leaving friends and family; I don;t have the time; I don't have the money; I'm too young; I'm too old; now is not a good time; now is just not the right time ....."

...Well we DID make the DECISION and YOU CAN TOO!

Hi, we're Phil & Jacquie Hanley -- let us tell you a little bit about our story.

When we met (in a town of 13,000 people in the NT) we were both working full-time --(Phil as an accountant and Jacquie as a teacher and manager). Six years down the track - post flood and children living at home, we headed for the big smoke in Queensland.

We were looking for something more!? ....but what?

Jacquie had always wanted to work in real estate, so did the course and got started. Fast Forward a couple of years and we found ourselves working together in our own real estate office looking after both sales and rentals; complete with office lease, staff, running costs and associated market challenges--we'd bought ourselves a job!

Still we were looking for more! ...but what?

Possibly just like you and many others, we wanted more time; more money; and more freedom but maybe we hadn't quite identified that for ourselves just yet.

What we needed was a different mindset!

When we discovered this significantly different business model and learned about the product offering, we knew this was exactly where we wanted to be. It really was a 'no-brainer' -- portable, flexible, affordable ...and geared to working on that 6 inches between the ears that can so easily hold you back.

Since then we've pinpointed some of our own hot buttons! We wanted to travel ...everywhere. We wanted to get started NOW ticking off that bucket list. We wanted to be able to see all our fabulous country has to offer; experience international destinations; plus time to visit the kids and grand-kids, elderly parents, plus other family and friends.

'How Could We Make All This Happen ...Sooner Rather Than Later?'

Tapping into the training and live calls has given and continues to give us the space and clarity to think; imagine; dream ...and the knowing and courage to make considered decisions and take brave action.

FAST FORWARD ... We're on the road traveling Australia in our motorhome, have had lots of visits with friends and family already AND get to sneak out the country from time-to-time and experience some amazing other parts of the world :)

Remember Henry Ford? He said: "If you think you can or if you think you can't're right!"

Here's to a bright future!


Phil & Jacquie

PS Don't wait and procrastinate. .... Screw It - Just Do It! (Richard Branson)

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